Case Study NETCore® – Flange

From Production Manager Thomas Zander, GSF FOUNDRY STASSFURT | March 12, 2020

Customer opinion

Problem: Due to the size of the pendulum, knocking off the risers with a 150-mm feeder neck is hardly possible. In addition, there is the risk of breaking into the casting when knocking off. The foundry must remove the part from the regular process and remove the feeder mechanically in an additional step.

Challange: Removal from the feeder neck in the regular process without transferring the part to an additional workstation.


GSF foundry Staßfurt

Cast part



EN-GJS 500-7


7.900 kg

Moulding method

hand moulded

Power supply technology

ZXF 15 B250N


Integrate NETCore® technology B 550-250 N80 in the riser neck


By using NETCore® technology, the casting can be produced in the regular process and enables the foundry to reduce the machining time by 300 minutes per casting. The contact residue can be removed by mechanical means (light grinding). In addition, the risk of rejects due to break-in is eliminated.

Images and videos

NETCore® before molding

NETCore® after knocking off

Cleaning costs in comparison

The following case study describes the time saved in producing the castings and removing the riser by the cleaning department with and without NETCore® technology.

Without NETCore®
With NETCore®
Without NETCore®
With NETCore®
Knock off feeder (2 pcs.)
30 min
10 min
Discharge from process chain
10 min
not applicable
Transport to pendulum grinder
10 min
not applicable
280 min
30 min
Return to process
10 min
not applicable
Total time
340 min
40 min

Advantages at a glance

Reduced cleaning costs
Less scrap
Knock off up to 450 mm
Significant time savings
Reduced risk of injury

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GSF-Staßfurt is one of the leading foundry companies in the field of mechanical engineering. In 2018, the NETCore® technology was presented and after testing conclusively on special components, we have made it standard in our process.