Case study NETFrame® – hydraulic casting

Christian Zouplna, Foundry Manager | May 17, 2019

Customer opinion

Problem: A large side riser with a contact area of 95 x 75 mm was used. Due to the size of the contact area, it was not possible to remove the riser safely with traditional mechanical means without the risk of the contact breaking into the casting, meaning that the casting had to be transported to a separate work area to remove the riser by cutting.

Challenge: To remove the feeder residue within the regular process without moving the castings to additional cutting stations and without the risk of the riser contact breaking into the casting surface.


SLR Giesserei St. Leon-Rot GmbH

Casting application

Hydraulic casting


Customer-specific GJS500 – GJS600


75 kg

Model design

Two castings on model plate

Feeding technology

Side feeder


Integration of NETFrame® technology “NF 120 Special” in the casting process. The NETFrame® is placed onto the cope pattern prior to molding within the riser contact and against the casting surface.


It was possible to remove the riser by traditional mechanical methods (wedge) without the need for cutting. It was not necessary to take the casting to a separate work area, significantly reducing the amount of labor involved in removing riser residues. Riser removal utilizing NETFrame® technology resulted in the riser contact breaking directly at the cast surface, eliminating the risk of breaking in, and significantly reducing the overall casting rejection rate.

Images and videos

Riser rest after knocking off

NETFrame® after the molding process

Riser rest after knocking off

A comparison of processing steps

The case study below details the time saved in the processing of castings and removal of risers through the cleaning department with and without NETFrame® technology.

Without NETFrame®
With NETFrame®
Without NETFrame®
With NETFrame®
Knocking off riser rest
not possible
1 min (3–5 hammer strokes)
Taking casting out of process
2 min
not applicable
Transportation to cutting station
1 min
not applicable
Positioning of casting for cutting
2 min
not applicable
Cutting and grinding riser rests
6 min
not applicable
Return to process
1 min
not applicable
Total time
12 min
1 min

Advantages at a glance

Reduced cleaning costs
Less scrap
Knock off up to 450 mm
Significant time savings
Reduced risk of injury

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The customer St. Leon-Rot GmbH (SLR) is one of the leading ductile cast iron foundries in Europe, producing castings for the construction and agricultural machinery industry sectors with an annual capacity of 120,000 Mt. To  optimize cleaning costs, NETFrame® Technology was first trialled in 2017 and has been in serial production since 2018.