Case study NETCore® – Frames

From Managing Director Thomas Windisch, EISENWERK GmbH ELTERLEIN | March 20, 2020

Customer opinion

Problem: The knocking-off or separation of the riser residue on the component is not possible, because the size of the feeder neck (80 mm) presents difficulties. Furthermore, there is the risk of breaking into the casting when knocking off. The foundry must remove the remaining riser outside of the regular process in an additional step.

Challange: To remove the riser residue in the regular process without transferring the part to an additional workstation.


Eisenwerk GmbH Elterlein





Casting temperature

1.350 °C


1.177 kg

Moulding method

hand moulded

Power supply technology

Head feeder


Integration of NETCore® technology on a TG 24000 thermal feeder by a breaker core with NETCore® B 160 – 80 / 20 NR25. TG 24000 B80 NR25.


By using NETCore® technology, the casting can be produced in the regular process and enables the foundry to reduce the machining time by 35 minutes per casting. Removal of the riser residue is possible by mechanical means. In addition, the risk of rejects from break-in is eliminated.

Images and videos

THERMO feeder ® with NETCore® breaker core before molding

NETCore®breaker core after molding

Riser contact

Cleaning costs in comparison

The following case study describes the time saved in producing the castings and removing the riser by the cleaning department with and without NETCore® technology.

Without NETCore®
With NETCore®
Without NETCore®
With NETCore®
Knocking off the remaining feeder
not possible
2 min (3–5 hammer blows)
Deviating from process chain
7 min
not applicable
Transport to the sawing station
8 min
not applicable
Clamping saw
6 min
not applicable
9 min
not applicable
Return to process
5 min
Total time
35 min
> 2 min

Advantages at a glance

Reduced cleaning costs
Less scrap
Knock off up to 450 mm
Significant time savings
Reduced risk of injury

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Our customer Eisenwerke Elterlein is a hand moulding foundry specialising
in the production of grey and nodular iron castings for general mechanical
engineering, special machine tool construction, gear construction, printing and agricultural machinery sectors in weights up to 5 tons. In order to improve
processing times GTP NETCore® Technology was introduced in 2017 and is used as a replacement for conventional feeder technology where removal of risers and associated cleaning cannot be reproduced reliably and efficiently.